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Partnering with you through Practice Resources

At HollisterStier Allergy, we understand the importance of offering allergists the necessary support for addressing their allergy immunotherapy questions. We go beyond merely providing reliable assistance; our services extend to facilitating doctors’ access to our expertise with comprehensive training and valuable resources. Whether it’s guidance on extract mixing or achieving optimal dosing, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you. Count on us to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge, empowering you to deliver confident and effective patient care.

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Allergy Immunotherapy

Discover Our Comprehensive Allergy Practice Resources

Partner with HollisterStier Allergy, your trusted ally in the field of allergy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of allergy sufferers.

  • Practice Resource Library: Receive practice support with access to our comprehensive library of resources.
  • Botany Expertise: Receive expert assistance on local pollen activity and cross-reactivity.
  • Medical Consultations: Meet with our medical science liaisons to receive guidance on your most important questions.


Practice Resource Library

To assist with your allergy practice, we provide a wide range of materials that can be downloaded for in-office use. Many of these pieces are also available in hard copy form. Speak with a customer service representative to have resources shipped to you or place your order at orders.hsallergy.com.

Office Resources

Skin Test Devices and Testing

Venom Immunotherapy

Pollen Allergy Resources

Access Regional Pollen Calendars

Utilize our pollen calendars to learn more about highly allergenic pollens in your area year-round. These calendars are great for educating staff and patients alike. These handouts are available in a downloadable format or you can contact customer service to order tear-off pads delivered to your practice.

Join an In-Person Pollen Walk

Interested in learning more about the pollen in your region? Our knowledgeable staff are available to help. Fill out the form below to begin scheduling a pollen walk for you and your staff. HollisterStier Allergy can help you identify different species of trees and plants, creating more awareness of highly allergenic pollens in your area and equipping you to teach patients proper avoidance tips.

Discover our Interactive Virtual Pollen Walk

Learn how to quickly identify some of the most common tree, grass, and weed pollens in the United States. HollisterStier Allergy created Pollenwalk.com to equip practitioners and patients with pertinent pollen allergy information. Our catalog of images and detailed descriptions provide the insight needed to create an allergen avoidance plan.

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