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HollisterStier Allergy supports the global allergy industry with quality products and personalized service, including training and consultations.

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Conveniently place orders and easily manage your account by accessing our online ordering portal. Our user-friendly website offers a time-saving solution to track purchases, access essential account forms, and order patient education handouts.

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Skin Test Devices

Test ten extracts at once with the ComforTen Multiple Skin Test System®. Experience efficient and precise allergenic testing results with our comprehensive solution.

Virtual Pollen Walk

Take a virtual pollen walk and explore common tree, grass, and weed pollens in the United States. This website is useful for both healthcare professionals and patients.


With a commitment to excellence, HollisterStier Allergy offers a wide selection of premium allergy extracts. Be empowered to proactively and efficiently meet the specific requirements of your patients, ensuring optimal care and improved well-being.