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Allergy Testing Training with HollisterStier 

You and your staff can receive hands-on training utilizing our advanced skin testing systems. Our team of knowledgeable sales representatives go above and beyond to understand the unique needs of your practice, because our goal is to be your partner in delivering quality patient care.

With our trainings, you can expect an in-person, collaborative approach with your staff. Through live demonstrations, we showcase the best practices and techniques to achieve precise and reliable testing results. But don’t worry if you need a refresher or have a new staff member, our ComforTen® training video is always there as a reference.



Learn to Use the ComforTen® Skin Test System

Discover how simple it is to use the ComforTen® Skin Test System. This innovative system revolutionizes testing, making it simple, accurate, and incredibly user-friendly. Unlike competitor devices, ComforTen® causes zero reaction at the negative control site.1,2,3,4 With basic training, we are confident you and your staff will easily start using our skin test devices with accurate results.

Watch how the ComforTen® Skin Test System streamline your clinic’s testing.

Training Video: ComforTen Skin Test System

At HollisterStier Allergy, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive training service.  Your success in providing top-notch allergy testing and care is our priority. Request an in-person training with us, and we will ensure you and your staff are confident when using our skin testing systems.

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