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HollisterStier Allergy has been a leading force in the allergenic extract industry for over 100 years. Founded in 1921 in Spokane, Washington by Guy Hollister and Dr. Robert Stier, our rich history provides a strong foundation for our company, shaping our values, principles, and commitment to excellence. Ourdedication to scientific research propelled us to publishing influential studies and achieving significant milestones over the years. HollisterStier has experienced expansions, acquisitions, and name changes, ultimately becoming Jubilant HollisterStier LLC in 2011. Today, we remain dedicated to innovation and serving the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in the allergy industry.

Learn more about our parent company Jubilant Pharmova to discover the innovative solutions and extensive expertise that drive our success in the pharmaceutical industry.

The 1920s

  • 1921: Guy Hollister and Dr. Robert Stier prepare their first lot of allergenic extract
  • 1926: The laboratory relocated and enlarged, and officially became known as Hollister-Stier Laboratories
  • 1927: Hollister and Stier publish an article in the Journal of Laboratory Clinical Medicine on the comparative study of pollen antigens as determined by skin reactions
    HS Allergy

    The 1930s thru 1940s

    • 1930: Results of Hollister-Stier botanical survey of hay fever plants published in the Journal of Allergy
    • 1933: Hired first full-time salesman
    • 1941: Purchased Knapp and Knapp Allergy Service with offices and laboratories in California and Pennsylvania

      The 1950s

      • 1951: Spokane facilities, along with 15 employees, relocate to a new building on South Division
      • 1952: Purchased allergy service portion of Arlington Chemical Company
      • 1958: Became a subsidiary of Cutter Laboratories

        The 1960s

        • 1961: Mr. Hollister and Dr. Stier retire
        • 1966: Purchased North Regal property
        • 1969: The Spokane operation and its 100 employees move to a new 35,000-square-foot location on North Regal, its current location

          The 1970s

          • 1971: The Ana-Kit emergency insect sting kit is introduced
          • 1974: House dust mite (D. farinae) extract is introduced
          • 1977: The first standardized allergenic extract (Antigen “E” assayed short ragweed pollen extract) is introduced

            The 1980s

            • 1980: Spokane facility begins production on sterile vials and diluent; standardized stinging insect venom product is introduced
            • 1981: Completed new research & development expansion
            • 1983: Became a division of Miles Laboratories

              The 1990s

              • 1995: Hollister-Stier becomes Bayer Pharmaceuticals

                The 2000s

                • 2007: Acquisition by Jubilant Organosys, Ltd., one of the largest custom research, manufacturing and drug development companies worldwide

                  The 2010s

                  • 2011: Company becomes Jubilant HollisterStier LLC
                  • 2019: HollisterStier Allergy relaunches BeeAware Allergy to continue to raise awareness on bee sting allergies

                    The 2020s

                    • 2021: HollisterStier Allergy celebrates its 100-year anniversary, and Jubilant HollisterStier broke ground for their $285m Spokane facility expansion project
                    • 2023: Ultrafiltered Dog, HollisterStier Allergy’s latest product innovation, launches