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Sterile Empty Vials

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Efficiency and Quality with HollisterStier Allergy’s Sterile Empty Vials

As a healthcare professional you face the challenge of sourcing all the necessary supplies and equipment from multiple providers. This fragmented approach consumes valuable time and effort, making it difficult to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional patient care.

Your valuable time is wasted trying to locate a different provider or waiting for deliveries from multiple sources. This fragmented process not only disrupts your workflow but also affects your overall patient experience.

Sterile Empty Vials

Uncompromising Quality: Exceptional Performance

  • Superior Quality – USP Type #1 Glass Vials: Our vials meet the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the safe storage and delivery of allergy treatments.
  • Allergy-Safe Administration – Latex Free Stoppers: Eliminate the risk of allergic reactions to latex and confidently administer medications without compromising patient safety.

At HollisterStier Allergy we prioritize consistent product performance ensuring that you can rely on us for your healthcare needs.

Sterile Capped Empty Vials

Vial Size
2 mL/13 mm
5 mL/13 mm
5 mL/20 mm
10 mL/13 mm
10 mL/20 mm
30 mL/20 mm
100 mL/20 mm