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Skin Test Devices at a Glance

HollisterStier Allergy’s skin test device systems provide healthcare professionals with a quick, easy setup. Experience an efficient and reproducible testing experience with ComforTen® and Quintip®.

Designed with You in Mind

Our skin test device systems are designed to save you time and money. After receiving feedback from nurses in the allergy field, we designed:

  • A translucent tray for easy antigen inspection
  • Removable reservoirs to minimize mistakes
  • Collars to prevent foreign material and evaporation
  • 1.2mm lancet tips with depth control guards for reproducible results and minimal patient discomfort

HollisterStier’s skin test devices produce a 0mm reaction at the negative control site, allowing readings of 3mm+ to read positive.1,2,3,4


ComforTen® Multiple Skin Test System

See the ComforTen® Device in Action

Test ten extracts at once with the ComforTen Multiple Skin Test System®, available in a 30-hole or 60-hole tray. Enjoy all the benefits of our skin test device systems, along with optional-use spacers that increase testing capacity.

Watch this video to learn more about the skin test device system. You’ll discover how ComforTen® elevates the allergy testing experience and receive a demo on how easy it is.


Quintip® Individual Skin Test System

Quintip® Individual Skin Test System

Customize Your Testing with Quintip® Devices

Easily integrate a single extract into your existing setup. With Quintip® you can enjoy all the benefits of the ComforTen® Device, including stainless steel lancet tips and a 1.2mm depth guard while streamlining your allergenic testing process.

ComforTen® and Quintip® fully comply with OSHA’s Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. Refer to the package inserts for further information.

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The foregoing references are studies on HollisterStier’s QUINTEST®/QUINTIP® skin test devices. Because ComforTen® technology is based on HollisterStier’s QUINTEST®/QUINTIP® skin test devices, HollisterStier believes these references apply to ComforTen® as well.