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Resources at Your Fingertips

HollisterStier Allergy supports healthcare professionals in providing the highest quality of care for their patients. We offer a wide range of resources to support your clinical practice. Browse our comprehensive collection of resources that are both user-friendly and convenient, designed to help you prioritize your patient’s well-being and enhance their healthcare experience.

Allergy Practice Resources

At HollisterStier Allergy, we are fully committed to your practice and patients. If you have questions about best practices, schedule time with one of our medical science liaisons. Or, if you’re looking for reference guides on diluting or cross reactivity, download one of our handouts. We offer a wide range of allergypractice resources, and are just a contact form away to answer any questions.

Patient Education

Utilize free patient education materials that cover a variety of allergenic topics. These resources will help your patients learn about their allergic conditions and encourage adherence to their treatment plan. We make it easy to download or order complimentary printed handouts for your patients.

New Fellows Program

Our exclusive New Fellows Program, designed to provide you with an exceptional level of personalized service, patient education resources, access to discounted products, and tailored financing programs. You will receive dedicated support from our knowledgeable team, who will guide you through every step of your journey, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and resources to excel in your practice. 

MSDS & Event Reporting

Access our material safety data sheets for vital information on the safe handling, storage, and disposal of our products. In addition, we offer clear instructions on how to report any incidents or events related to our products, ensuring prompt and effective communication between us and our valued customers.