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Fire Ant Extracts: Targeted Treatment for Patients’ peace of mind

Fire ant allergies can result in severe reactions including anaphylaxis.5 Dedicated providers require effective solutions that can address the discomfort and minimize associated risks, ultimately ensuring the well-being of their patients.

The aftermath of multiple fire ant bites in a short span of time is an anxiety-ridden time for allergic patients. The urgency to provide comprehensive treatment options and reduce patients’ risks becomes of utmost importance.

HollisterStier Allergy recognizes these unique challenges faced by allergists when managing fire ant allergies. That’s why we offer our specialized fire ant extracts, a powerful tool to combat this severe allergy and provide targeted relief for your patients.

Insect Extract

Cross-Reactivity Formula for Fire Ant Extracts

  • Broad Therapeutic Coverage: Our red fire ant insect extract provides protection against general fire ant allergies by cross-reacting with the black ant species.6
  • Precise Dosage: Our whole-body 1:10 w/v extract concentration meets the recommended dose outlined in the Practice Parameters providing effective results.¹

Choose HollisterStier Allergy’s Fire Ant Extracts for your treatment plans and confidently address your patients’ suffering, restoring their quality of life.

WARNING Important Safety Information (See full prescribing information for complete boxed warning.)

Intended for use only by licensed health care provider experienced in administering allergenic extracts and trained to provide immediate emergency treatment in the event of a life-threatening reaction. Observe patients for at least 30 minutes following administration. Immunotherapy may not be suitable for patients with medical conditions that reduce their ability to withstand a systemic reaction. Allergenic extracts can cause serious systemic reactions, including anaphylactic shock and in rare cases death, especially in patients who have severe or steroiddependent asthma, cardiovascular disease, or in patients who use beta blockers. Do not inject intravenously. This product is intended for subcutaneous injection for immunotherapy and percutaneous use for diagnosis. Refer to contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse reaction and over dosage for more detailed information.

Transform Patient Well-being with Targeted Cockroach Allergy Relief

Even after professional extermination, cockroach allergens can persist, leaving individuals vulnerable to allergic reactions.² 

In fact, cockroach allergens have been found in homes with no history of infestation, as this allergen can transfer through fabrics such as furniture and clothing.³ The presence of cockroach allergens can compromise the well-being of your patients, affecting their quality of life and worsening their symptoms. Without the right intervention, these individuals may continue to suffer from the discomfort and health challenges associated with cockroach allergies.

Developed with healthcare professionals like you in mind,  HollisterStier Allergy’s Cockroach allergy extracts are designed to address the unique needs of patients with cockroach allergies.

Patient Well Being

Recognized Allergy-Inducing Cockroach Species for Therapeutic Relief

  • Enhanced Dosing Precision: Our antigen, with a 1:10 w/v concentration, provides greater variability enabling you to achieve the highest tolerated dose as recommended in the Practice Parameters.4
  • Targeted Allergen Relief: We offer extracts from recognized allergy-inducing species, such as B. germanica and P. americana, delivering carefully formulated solutions that provide therapeutic relief.
  • Customizable Treatment Solutions: Whether you prefer individual or mixed cockroach extracts, our range of options can meet your specific needs, ensuring tailored treatment plans for optimal patient care.

Choose HollisterStier Allergy’s cockroach allergy extract to stay ahead in managing the persistent challenge of cockroach allergies. With our trusted solution, you can proactively address the health concerns of your patients, ensuring their comfort and long-term health.

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