HollisterStier offers a wide-range of tree, grass and weed pollen antigens, so you can tailor your testing and treatment panels to the pollens prevalent in your region. All of our pollen antigens are offered in a phenol free presentation and can be purchased in either 5mL scratch or larger bulk vials.

Did you know that many pollens are cross-reactive?

An in-depth knowledge of allergen cross-reactivity is imperative when selecting allergens for immunotherapy. Because limiting the number of allergens in a vaccine preparation may be necessary to achieve the optimal therapeutic dose for each allergen, the cross-reactivity of clinically relevant allergens should be taken into account when making allergen selections. When cross-reactivity between pollens is substantial, selection of a single pollen within the cross-reactive genus or subfamily may suffice. View our interactive cross reactivity guide, or download the PDF.

Interactive Cross Reactivity Guide
Download Cross Reactivity Guide

Pollen Education

To help educate pollen-sensitive patients be aware of the seasonality of pollens, we have developed regional pollen activity calendars which can easily be downloaded and printed. The interactive regional pollen activity information below provides a quick peek at the helpful information found in the downloadable files. Poster-size calendars suitable for your office can be ordered from your sales representative.

Are you interested in learning more about the pollens in your region? Our knowledgeable staff are available to conduct pollen walks. Our walks are designed to help you identify different species of trees and plants, where they’re commonly located, and what to watch for when pollen counts are high. Contact your sales representative to learn more about scheduling a pollen walk for you and your staff.