Two distinct strengths and a variety of vial sizes let you choose what best fits the needs of your practice…and your patients.

HollisterStier grows mites in our own facilities according to our exacting standards, allowing us to control the product at every step of the process. Our manufacturing plant is regulated by both CBER and CDER.

Effective diagnosis and treatment mean you reach and benefit more patients. Studies have shown that puncture skin testing with D. farinae at 30,000 AU/mL identified more than twice as many mite sensitive patients when compared to 10,000 AU/mL.1 We offer both to give you more options.

Available in 10,000 AU/mL and 30,000 AU/mL to help you meet immunotherapy guidelines.

Also available in a variety of vial sizes, meaning you can match both strength and size to best meet your needs.

Like all of our glycerinated antigens, our mite doesn’t contain phenol…which can denature the proteins in allergenic extracts.2

6691 Standardized 50/50 Mite Mix, D. pteronyssinus and D. farinae 5,000 AU/mL (each species)
or 15,000 AU/mL (each species)
6692 Standardized Mite, D. pteronyssinus 10,000 AU/mL
or 30,000 AU/mL
6720 Standardized Mite, D. farinae 10,000 AU/mL
or 30,000 AU/mL


1J. Jones and N. Wallen. Comparison of puncture skin test (PST) reactivity to standardized D. farina (DF) extracts at 30,000 AU/ml (30k) and 10,000 AU/mL (10k). AAAI, March 1991.

2 H.S. Nelson. Preparing and mixing allergen vaccines for subcutaneous immunotherapy.