Product Information

For over 100 years, HollisterStier Allergy has been a pioneer in the allergy immunotherapy field. Our focus on subcutaneous immunotherapy and bulk extracts has never wavered. Access the allergy product information sheets below to learn more about what we offer, including our exclusive acetone precipitated (AP) and venom options.

Information Sheets

UF Dog

Ultrafiltered Dog is manufactured using an ultrafiltered aqueous extraction process for maximum concentration without precipitate formation.

AP Dog Information Sheet

AP Dog is manufactured using our exclusive Acetone Precipitated (AP) extraction process for maximum concentration and efficacy.

Our exclusive ComforTen® multiple skin test system is accurate, easy to read, and reduces trauma and pain for patients.4

HollisterStier Customer Portal User Guide - V5 - 11-10

Whether you’re a new or seasoned user, this guide offers tips http://www.orders.hsallergy.comand tricks to help you navigate our customer ordering portal.


We offer the highest histamine concentration on the market for precise, easy-to-read results and accurate diagnosis.

Our mite extracts are available in 10,000 AU/mL and 30,000 AU/mL to help you meet immunotherapy guidelines.

Phenol Free

Phenol can denature proteins in allergenic extracts.1 To safeguard against potency loss, our glycerinated extracts contain no phenol.

Our Standardized Cat product line offers the diversity of two testing and treatment options with Fel d 1 and albumin.

Choosing the right allergy immunotherapy partner isn’t just important; it’s vital for the health of your patients, and the health of your practice. Are you asking the right questions?

Venom Extracts

As the sole venom immunotherapy extract provider in the United States, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality extracts possible.

Venom Production Information

From field to vial, learn more about the process of manufacturing venom extracts.


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1H.S. Nelson. Preparing and mixing allergen vaccines for subcutaneous immunotherapy. R.F. Lockey, S.C. Bukantz, & J. Bousquet (Eds.),  Allergens and allergen immunotherapy, 4th ed., p. 315, 2008.

4 Bernstein, L., et al. “Allergy Diagnostic Testing: An Updated Practice Parameter” Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.; 100: S1, S16-19, March 2008.

The foregoing references are studies on HollisterStier’s QUINTEST®/QUINTIP® skin test devices. Because ComforTen® technology is based on HollisterStier’s QUINTEST®/QUINTIP® skin test devices, HollisterStier believes these references apply to ComforTen® as well.