New Practice Setup

HollisterStier Allergy has everything doctors need to start a new practice, or integrate allergy immunotherapy into their current practice. We help to lessen initial set-up costs by providing special discount prices on our quality diagnostic allergy extracts, skin test devices, racks, trays, sterile empty vials, and diluents.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are trained to be your allergy partner, and can provide guidance on what you’ll need to begin allergy testing and immunotherapy treatments. Our sales staff are also able to advise on testing panels, based on allergens specific to your region, and can train you or your staff on the use of our diagnostic skin test devices.

Contact a sales representative in your area for more information.

Consulting for Established Practices

As your allergy partner, we continue to offer guidance and assistance throughout the life of your practice. We are available to help train new staff on the use of our diagnostic skin test devices and on recommended dosing and dilutions. We can provide educational presentations to your staff on subjects such as venom immunotherapy, and we offer pollen walks to help you and your staff identify common environmental allergens in your area, such as local trees, grasses and weeds.

In addition to highly trained sales representatives, we also have experts in our home office ready and waiting to assist you and your practice. Our technical director has a PhD in biochemistry, and can answer in-depth product, testing, dosing and treatment questions. We also staff a botanist that can provide additional guidance on testing panels and pollen cross-reactivity.

What’s more, we maintain relationships with some of the most well-known names in allergy. From practice setup to proper dosing, we can put you in contact with the right consultant for your situation.

Contact a sales representative in your area for more information.

Or contact customer service: 800.495.7437 or [email protected].

Resources for Your Practice

HollisterStier Allergy offers numerous tools and resources for your practice, helping you provide your patients with the best possible care.

Below are just a few of the resources available for your practice:

  • Patient education handouts
  • Regional allergy posters
  • Diagnostic and device samples
  • Pollen cross-reactivity data
  • Skin-test recording sheets
  • Dosing Quick Reference Guide
  • CPT Quick Reference Guide
  • Venom Dilution Charts

Complete list of downloadable forms, guides and handouts.