Our exclusive ComforTen multiple skin test system lets you apply ten tests quickly and precisely. It’s accurate, it’s easy to read, and it reduces trauma and pain for patients4 . This versatile system includes:

  1. ComforTen skin test device
  2. Stackable, 30-hole covered tray with spacers
  3. Stackable, 60-hole covered tray with spacers
  4. Skin test reservoirs to hold allergen extracts
  5. QUINTIP skin test device

Tray, reservoirs and spacers are compatible with both ComforTen and QUINTIP skin test devices, allowing for more flexibility when testing and creating panels.

The only self-loading, surgical steel skin test system on the market.

Surgical steel 1.2 mm lancet tips are uniquely designed for minimal patient skin trauma.

ComforTen and QUINTIP cause zero reaction at the negative control site,1 2 3 4 and readings of 3mm or greater are considered positive

Competitively priced vs. other skin test systems.

Our self-loading devices with depth-control guards produce skin tests quickly and precisely. The depth control guard ensures accurate and reproducible results.

Each tray includes three optional-use spacers (US Patent D596,758). These spacers help you administer more tests between fillings.

Unique design helps protect each antigen from foreign material and evaporation.

Translucent trays and reservoirs allow for easy inspection of antigen levels

Trays can be customized with labels at no extra charge.

ComforTen and trays are designed with unique indicators to help ensure proper orientation and application.

Ordering Information

80000000021 ComforTen Multiple Skin Test Device 27 blister packs (81 devices/case)
8406ZA ComforTen Covered 30-Hole Tray 1 tray per box, includes spacers and labels
8407ZA ComforTen Covered 60-Hole Tray 1 tray per box, includes spacers and labels
8924ZA Skin Test Reservoirs 30 per pouch
8400ZA QUINTIP Skin Test Device 90 pouches (20 tests per pouch)
8409ZA ComforTen Evaluation Pack See catalog for details

WARNING Important Safety Information
(See full prescribing information for complete boxed warning.)

Intended for use only by licensed health care provider experienced in administering allergenic extracts and trained to provide immediate emergency treatment in the event of a life-threatening reaction. Observe patients for at least 30 minutes following administration. Immunotherapy may not be suitable for patients with medical conditions that reduce their ability to withstand a systemic reaction. Allergenic extracts can cause serious systemic reactions, including anaphylactic shock and in rare cases death, especially in patients who have severe or steroid-dependent asthma, cardiovascular disease, or in patients who use beta blockers. Do not inject intravenously. This product is intended for subcutaneous injection for immunotherapy and percutaneous use for diagnosis. Refer to contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse reaction and over dosage for more detailed information.

ComforTen and QUINTIP fully comply with OSHA’s Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. Refer to the ComforTen and QUINTIP package inserts for further information.