Whether it’s information on our ComfortTen® multiple skin test system, a patient brochure offering tips on mold avoidance, or a complete HollisterStier Allergy product catalog, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Just download and print the PDF you need or contact your personal sales representative for multiple copies.

Physician Resources
AP Dog Information Sheet icon-pdf
CPT Code Quick Reference Guide icon-pdf
ComforTen Information Sheet icon-pdf
ComforTen Tray Label Template icon-excel
Cross Reactivity Chart icon-pdf
Dosing Tables Quick Reference Guide icon-pdf
Histamine Positive Control Information Sheet icon-pdf
Intradermal Allergy Extract Preparation icon-pdf
Mite Extracts Information Sheet icon-pdf
Patient Skin Test Record icon-pdf
Phenol Free Extracts icon-pdf
Standardized Venom Testing Data Record icon-pdf
Three Questions Brochure icon-pdf
Venomil® Information Sheet icon-pdf
Venomil® Dilution Charts icon-pdf
Patient Support Materials
14-Day Diet Form icon-pdf
BeeAware EPI vs Venom Immunotherapy Card icon-pdf
BeeAware Facts Poster icon-pdf
BeeAware How to Avoid Stinging Insects icon-pdf
BeeAware Patient Brochure icon-pdf
Preparation & Maintenance of a Dust-Free Room icon-pdf
Tips on Mold Avoidance icon-pdf