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ordering information


Download an order form, then fax, mail, or email it to Customer Service. When ordering, please specify the item number, vial size, dilution, aqueous or glycerinated, scratch, intradermal, or bulk.

Fax (800) 752-6258
Mail PO Box 3145, Spokane WA, 99220-3145

Advance Yearly Order

HollisterStier Allergy offers this service at no additional charge. Deliveries (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) can be arranged around your office needs to help you maximize your inventory control. This gives you the opportunity to lock in current prices.

Treatment and Refill Orders

Treatment and refill orders received with prepayment will save several days in processing when patient billing is requested. To estimate prepayment amount, combine applicable shipping cost and tax with treatment or refill price.


HollisterStier Allergy has expanded its inventory of most diagnostic and therapeutic antigens in common sizes. Orders are processed within one business day of receipt. For next day air shipment, orders should be placed before 12:30 p.m. PST/PDT. Proof of delivery must be requested within 60 days of invoice date. To ensure the quality of special mixtures, special dilutions, or individual formulations, we require a 14 day testing period prior to release. This sterility testing process is meant to keep your treatment sets free from growth or any other sterility issues. For these special orders, please allow 28 days for delivery.

Return Policy

Items may not be returned for credit or exchange without prior authorization. Shipping errors must be reported to within seven days after receipt of merchandise. Orders for special mixtures, once made, are non-cancelable and items requiring refrigeration are not returnable (antigens, etc.). Our detailed return policy is available upon request.


HollisterStier Allergy provides their customers with the best possible dating on extracts and diluents while complying with regulatory guidelines. If you need assistance determining the expiration date on any of our products, please contact your sales professional or customer service.

allergen and device information

Are there cockroaches in my state?

Cockroaches are found everywhere and are more prevalent in inner cities. They are found throughout many human settlements. These insects are particularly associated with restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and nursing homes. In colder climates, they are found only near human habitats, since they are not very tolerant to cold.

Does Cockroach denature other extracts when mixed together?

Yes. Cockroach can denature the proteins in other extracts. There are studies to show that cockroach when mixed with other extracts may denature proteins in the other extracts.

Why does my Cockroach extract look cloudy?

Cockroach antigens that appears cloudy can be caused by more than one thing. To pinpoint the source of what you are seeing, please call our technical specialist in customer service at 800.992.1120.