The more informed you are, the more confident you’ll feel. So we put together a series of educational materials and brochures designed just for patients—and made them available as free downloadable PDFs.


14-Day Diet Form
Record your food, beverage, and medication intake along with any symptoms (and their timing) you experience. Having a detailed diary to review may help your allergy specialist pinpoint what is triggering your allergic reactions.
Preparation & Maintenance of a Dust-Free Room
Manage your allergic symptoms by keeping your surroundings as dust-free as possible using our easy-to-follow guide.
Tips on Mold Avoidance
Minimize potential for mold growth in and around your home by following these guidelines to spot and remove favorable growing conditions.
Allergic History
Prepare for your appointment with an allergy specialist. Complete a history of your symptoms, surroundings, illnesses, and lifestyle to review at your next visit.
BeeAware How to Avoid Stinging Insects
Don’t spend the summer indoors. Learn how to be prepared, minimize risk, and avoid stinging insects with this hand guide.
BeeAware Patient Brochure
Get an in-depth look at venom immunotherapy for allergies to stinging insects, along with some steps you can take to minimize the risk of being stung.