Guy Hollister and Dr. Robert Stier’s shared commitment to scientific research is what brought the company they founded in 1921 in Spokane, Washington to the forefront of the allergenic extract industry – and it’s what keeps us there today. 

A Look Back

1921 Guy Hollister and Dr. Robert Stier prepare their first lot of allergenic extract.
1927 Hollister and Stier publish an article in the Journal of Laboratory Clinical Medicine on the comparative.
1933 The first full-time salesman is hired.
1941 Knapp and Knapp Allergy Service, with locations in California and Pennsylvania, is purchased.
1949 Hollister-Stier Laboratories is incorporated.
1951 Chicago laboratory and sales office opened; Spokane facilities, along with 15 employees, relocate to new building on South Division.
1952 Allergy service arm of Arlington Chemical Company is purchased; eastern allergy operation is moved from Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia.
1958 Hollister-Stier becomes a subsidiary of Cutter Laboratories; Atlanta laboratory and sales office is opened.
1962 Graham Laboratories in Texas, along with its line of plant and chemical contact dermatitis products, is purchased.
1969 Spokane operation and its 100 employees moves to new 35,000-square-foot location on North Regal – its current location.
1970 PMG/Feingold, a Richmond, California laboratory, is purchased; total annual sales top $3.6 million.
1971 Mississauga, Canada production and sales office opens; Richmond lab transfers to Spokane; Ana-Kit emergency insect sting kit is introduced.
1974 House dust mite (D. farinae) extract is introduced.
1977 First major expansion of Spokane facility is begun; first standardized allergenic extract (Antigen “E” assayed short ragweed pollen extract) is introduced.
1980 Sterile vial and diluent facility (Spokane) qualification is completed and production begins; first in-house computer system is installed; standardized stinging insect venom product is introduced. Total employees: 340. Total annual sales: $14.3 million.
1983 Cutter merges with Miles Laboratories; Hollister-Stier becomes a division of the Miles Pharmaceutical Group; consolidation of Spokane (H-S) and West Haven (Dome/Miles Pharmaceuticals) allergy business begins.
1987 Miles Laboratories, Inc. changes its name to Miles Inc.
1995 Hollister-Stier becomes Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Bayer AG had acquired Cutter in 1974 and Miles in 1978).
2007 Acquisition by Jubilant Organosys, Ltd., one of the largest custom research and manufacturing services—and drug discovery and development services—companies worldwide.
2010 Jubilant Organosys, Ltd. changes its name to Jubilant Life Sciences.
2011 Company now known as Jubilant HollisterStier LLC.